How to remove ads in WPS Office

So if you are using the WPS Office: The Most Compatible Free Office Suite, especially the free version, you have seen the annoying ads that show when you open the Writer, Spreadsheets or Presentation.

Now I have found a way to remove/disable the adds that show up on startup.


  • Installed WPS Office
  • Enabled Windows Firewall
  • Make sure that you have closed all instances of WPS Office – Writer, Spreadsheets or Presentation.

Solution 1: Blocking the wpscloudsvr.exe

Removing/disabling the ads in WPS Office

First open Run by Win Key + R and write


This command will open the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. After that go to Inbound Rules

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security New Rule

Now you search for wpscloudsvr.exe. The firewall should show three rules.

WPS Office Cloud Server Rules

Select the three rules and disable them with right click of the mouse and select Disable Rule

WPS Office Cloud Server Disable Rules

And for more heavier measures to make sure the ads are blocked. Open Properties of every rule and select Block the connection.

wpscloudsvr.exe Block the connection

Solution 2: Blocking the wpscenter.exe

This can be combined with the previous solution to make the blocking more powerful. In order to block the wpscenter.exe we have to make a New Inbound Rule. For this purpose open the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and select New Rule.

Follow this picture guide to make the Inbound Rule active

Solution 3: Redirecting the Internet connection

Open the WPS Office location (usually the AppData path) and start ksomisc.exe. After starting it click on the button Advanced. Then go to the tab Update settings and under the Internet Connection section select HTTP with the following credentials:

WPS office disable ads with ksomisc.exe

Port: 80
user name: user
password: pass

Solution 4: Redirecting the Internet connection with the hosts file

Open the hosts file in:


Add the following redirection IP addresses:

When added it should look something like this:

WPS Remove Ads with hosts file

That finalizes the ads removal procedure. Happy writing 🙂

16 thoughts on “How to remove ads in WPS Office

  1. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts


  2. Thanks for the guide. Is this supposed to block all adverts? As I still seem to be getting the random advert on startup of WPS apps (the one in the middle of the screen that you can at least skip). There seems to be no way round it.

    Also, I only seemed to get one rule for wpscloudsvr rather than three. Could that be why?


  3. Perfect! If those ads were not randomly showing up outside the use of WPS I’d not have bothered, but if they want their software to behave like a virus, we treat their income source as such.


  4. Thanks!!! I followed a long set of instructions in a youtube vid which failed to fix the problem. Your little inbound firewall rule, solution 2, fixed it fast. Comodo in my case- new rule, ruleset ‘blocked application’, then edit to inbound.
    Kingsoft have earned my disrespect for blitzing me with ads without fixing some serious bugs in their software. It’s like being charged rent on a car that sometimes won’t go.


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