OptiShisha: A Startup Story

A little bit of history

When it all started. With few of my friends started a Business Development meetings. The agenda of a meeting like that is the following:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Coming up with a working plan of the idea

I am not sure but on the first meeting on that kind we come up with the idea about the shisha bars. At the time the idea didn’t had a name – it was only Game Changer for Shisha Bars. First it was going to be android application only but then evolved to the current version presented here.

Did it StartUp at the Weekend in Varna?

It was a warm day of 26.05.2017.

With several of my friends went to the annual StartUp Weekend Varna event. To express my real expectations and emotions at the event – it was so SCARY. Me and my friends were around 10 people. That is a huge team to assemble. If don’t know how a typical startup weekend agenda i will explain in short how it went all the way.


  • Half-baked
  • Pitching the idea
  • Forming the teams
  • Execution
  • Final presentation


This was very funny actually. The idea of half-baked is everyone in the room says random words. We had from revenue to love.  Then the presenter separated the teams in very intriguing method. Each participant in the auditorium received a number and based on that number each of the participants can match with other person with the same number.

I matched with two boys and a one girl. One developer, one marketing expert and the girl was project manager. Then we get to know each other with fast questions to introduce each other to the group. After this relationship escalation we moved to choosing a leader of the team. For some reason we choose the girl and from the random words selects two words. From these two words we have to make a idea. The words were love and social network. We come up with the idea of site that makes booking a place in Varna to be easier for people of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Pitching the idea

Here we are entering a whole new area for me. I had to pitch the idea that we discussed in our Business Development meetings.  I was a bit nervous but I handled it somehow. The english was not so great. I hope the video explains a lot 🙂

Yes, that guy with an shy look is me. After the pitch you see that I go through the door. There I had to paint down the idea and so people to vote for it. The votes determine if the idea is going to participate in Startup Weekend Varna.

Forming the teams

The team was following:

  • Zhivko (Me) – software developer
  • Dragomir Dichev – marketing
  • Ivaylo Pavlov – contributor
  • Samuil Alexandrov – contributor 
  • Petya Atanasova – design


OptiShisha Logo

After consulting with the team we come up with the execution of a software demo of the idea. The name is OptiShisha. The plan is to optimize the workflow and customer satisfaction to shisha bars which are getting more popular. On the customer table there is a hardware with five buttons. Till the last day and presentation the name of the hardware appeared – cookie.OptiShisha Cookie

There is a server application at the bar where the shisha master can see which table wants to have maintenance, bill, coal change, menu or just to call him.

OptiShisha - cookie buttons.png

I have uploaded the source code of a C# multi-client server application for the demo to my personal GitHub profile for free use.

Throughout the last day we added more hardware to the application. I am talking about a bracelet that will show information to the Shisha Master which table want some assistance according to the icon on it.

OptiShisha Bracelet

Final presentation

Here I am providing a YouTube link and PowerPoint presentation of our idea.

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