Complete Guide to Lenovo P70-A CyanogenMod 13

I’ve been searching the internet for a simple step by step guide to do this not very difficult operation but you need some guidelines to do so.

You are doing this on your own risk be careful!

Warning: Before anything to do make sure you’ve backed up your files from internal memory like pictures,documents,apps etc. all information will be erased as well as current firmware on your Lenovo P70 when you flash firmware via Sp flash tool. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

In other words I will provide you all the files you need to download and install in order to have a working CyanogenMod 13 on your Lenovo P70-A.

CM13 it’s 64bit based ROM and you need first to install Andoid Lollipop 5.1 64bit then CyanogenMod otherwise it will not work.

Required files:

  1. Drivers for Lenovo P70-A (link)
  2. Sp Flash Tool for Lenovo P70 (link)
  3. Android Lollipop 5.1 64bit for Lenovo P70 (link)
  4. CyanogenMod 13.0-v1 64bit for Lenovo P70 (link)
  5. GAPPS for CM13  (link) – select ARM64/6.0/pico
  6. Root package (link)
  7. Fully working CyanogenMod 13.0 v2.4 ROM for Lenovo P70-A (link)

Now let the guide begin

  • First we are installing the drivers. By default the extracting directory is the desktop.
    There will be couple of folders but go with Driver_Auto_Installer_.1612 folder and start DriverInstall.exeextracting-directory
  • After that you go to the SP Flash Tool zip file. Extract it to root directory C:\. Open the directory and find flash_tool.exe. Run as Administrator


Go to OptionsDownload


Close the window. By closing it the settings are saved!

  • Extract the P70A_AOSP_5.1_64bit_v2 zip file to the C:\ directory. Now open the MT6752_Android_scatter_Other.txt file with the Flash Tool.
    open-scatter-fileThe Lenovo P70-A has to be powered off. Select Download Only and Click Download. Plug the one side of the cable to the computer and the other to the Lenovo P70-A. A red bar will appear after that a yellow Flash bar. And in the end


This whole process is called Flashing a ROM. You actually flashed your 32 bit ROM to a 64 bit one 🙂

  • Then we unzip cm-13.0-v1-UNOFFICIAL-P70 file. The procedure is the same. We flash it by selecting the MT6752_Android_scatter_146 (CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A [ FULLY WORKING ]).txt scatter file then Download. (If it does not start automatically the replug the USB cable to the phone or PC).
  • Here is a little bit tricky. I hope the phone is turned off. You have to hold POWER Button + Volume Up until this pops upselect-boot-mode
    Select Recovery. It should look like something like this when it loads up
    From this menu you select Mount and you mount the sd card  with choosing External SDccard and you transfer from your PC to the sd card the files:

    • the
  • After you have installed the Root and Gapps file to the system then you go to Reboot and select Power Off
  • Now you will have to flash the CyanogenMod 13.0 v2.4 ROM
    • You open the scatter file MT6752_Android_scatter_146 (CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A [ FULLY WORKING ]).txt from the folder CM-13.0-v2.4-UNOFFICIAL-P70-arm64
      • If you want to use external storage, like SDcard, rename the file boot2sd.img to boot.img (the other boot.img file you can call it boot1sd.img)
    • Still select Download only and the click Download
    • Wait the process to finish
  • You are ready to start the phone. It will take up to 10 minutes to load fully.

Final thougths

Note: If you have problems with making calls, receiving calls, SMS and etc. connection problems. You need to restore your IMEI number. In order you to do that you have to install Chamelephon, if you have difficulties in finding an apk file , here is a link.

Note2: If you mess up something and the phone is not working, you can flash this to recycle to factory settings.

That wraps it up. Leave a comment if any errors occur along the way.


18 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Lenovo P70-A CyanogenMod 13

  1. Hi sir my p70 is already in 6.0 64bit. I used the VibeUI 3.5 custom rom for p70. Do I still have to flash Android Lollipop 5.1 64bit? My current rom has bug in led notification that’s why I want to replace it


  2. Thank you very much for your work.
    I was also stuck at the battery symbol trying to flash v1.
    I tried the link from your Note 2 but flash was still not starting.
    Then I flashed the official 32bit S146 and then everyting worked!


  3. I’ve followed the guide but unfortunately I’m stuck in a boot loop at the final “start the phone” stage. I’ve tried flashing the other boot.img from the CM 13 v2.4 package as well, but it’s the same. I’ll try again now.


    • Success!

      TL;DR version: It’s not a bad idea to start the whole thing by flashing the ROM linked in Note2 at the very beginning. I had a rooted (I think stock) 5.1 ROM and TWRP installed before starting the guide and that’s probably why I got stuck in a boot loop at first.

      Full version:

      After following the guide and been stuck in the boot loop, I’ve did the following:

      Flash the P70A_AOSP_5.1_64bit_v2 ROM again with MT6752_Android_scatter_Other.txt

      Booting the phone – it worked fine, although everything was in Russian, the Android OS booted up without problems.

      At this point I wanted to flash the cm-13.0-v1-UNOFFICIAL-P70 ROM again with MT6752_Android_scatter_146 (CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A [ FULLY WORKING ]).txt – but the Flash Tool didn’t start the process, the phone just displayed the usual charging battery grahpics when I connected the phone via USB. I’ve tried pressing Power + Volume Up and connect USB (no success), tried selecting Fastboot from the menu (no success), but after I did that and powered off the phone from Fastboot mode then connected the USB again, it started the flash process. Phew! 🙂

      After the cm-13.0-v1-UNOFFICIAL-P70 ROM flashed successfully, I’ve booted the phone again (without installing the root & gapps packages from TWRP first) – it was stuck in the boot loop the same way it was stuck with the v2.4 version.

      At this point I’ve decided that I’ll flash the ROM you’ve linked in Note2 and do the whole thing again. And it all worked fine 🙂

      Thank you for the great guide!


      • After one hour you managed to work out the problem. I am sad to hear that the guide had problems for your at first time installing the ROM.

        I made this guide particularly for one bundle easy to install step by step. But does not work for everyone.


  4. Hello, very good guide.
    But the link at point number 3.”Android Lollipop 5.1 64bit for Lenovo P70″ is the same as the point number 4.”CyanogenMod 13.0-v1 64bit for Lenovo P70″.
    Can you please upload the link related “CyanogenMod 13.0-v1 64bit for Lenovo P70”?


    Liked by 1 person

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