How to import multiple vCards into one

I have a bunch of vCards (212 to be precise) that I transferred from my phone (via Bluetooth) to my PC.  Now I want to bulk import them into my Google Contacts but…  I don’t see a multi-select feature on the import section.  Am I missing something?  To make matters worse, the vCards are named sequentially, not by the contact name so it’s hard to pick and choose what I want imported.  If you are not sure how to convert vCards into a CSV formatted text file.
It is very easy:
  1. Copy all your .vcf files into one directory

    all contacts

  2. Open Windows command prompt.
    By holding SHIFT + Right click mouse button (Only with this combination will show)


  3. Enter the following CMD command:
    copy *.vcf all.vcf
  4. Import all.vcf into your Google account or etc.

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