How to find Facebook user by Facebook photo URL

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook

We all use Facebook, do we?

Yes, for good or bad reasons. We often scroll around the news feed, like photos, share content. Everything that you come across some links of photos that look something like this:

Facebook Chat

Have you ever wondered how can you find out what is the profile or the the page behind this picture.

Follow this easy steps to open the profile/page

  1. Get the link or open the link, does not matter
  2. Facebook image URLSearch in the URL for the ID of the picture

Here in the example we have the URL:

We search the first underscore sign “_” and we find the ID of the image till the other underscore.




Using the found ID of the picture we can easily find the Facebook page or the profile using this simple link by putting the ID of the picture

In our case will be

That is how you can get to Facebook user or page via only image URL.


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