TeamViewer Popup Blocker

Hello, fellow readers.

Today I will introduce you one neat application that I developed.

A little intro

I have been working quite regularly with one application called TeamViewer. Its good remote access app and I am very satisfied with it. But comes one moment when it teases you like itch in back that you can’t reach. Yeah, I know.

Since you are here you know that there are some TeamViewer Popup, like Commercial use suspected, Commercial use that always annoy you, right?

Something like this one. Its tedious every time to close them. No more.

Introduce a little anarchy

The TeamViewer Popup Blocker is C# .NET Application using .NET 4 Framework

Here I am giving to you for free a popup auto blocker. No more of those annoying windows. Just one click application.

TeamViewerBlocker Icon

Nothing complicated, just start normally. It will start on the tray bar notifying you that blocking the TeamViewer Popup is autostarted by default.

And easy to use menu with the right mouse button click.

When you click on the Add Window Name, its open a new window that shows the current Team Viewer window names that are being blocked.

Add TeamViewer Window Name To Block

Here you have couple of options:

Default  – that restores the blocked windows to the picture.

Save – save the current changes.

View Opened Windows – opens window that shows all opened windows.

TeamViewer Popup Blocker Avaliable Windows

Download TeamViewer Popup Blocker



24 thoughts on “TeamViewer Popup Blocker

  1. Now I get a “TeamViewer Popup Blocker” Windows Notification message of “Make TeamViewer Popup Blocker better!” every so often during the day. I feel like I just traded one popup for another.


  2. Hey man, thanks for making this little program, but I’m about to uninstall it completely because your popup blocker has more popups than the one I was trying to solve in the first place. I get a popup every time I restart to let me know that its on and working, that it successfully blocked a popup (both of which can’t be disabled, you have to hide the entire icon and notifications in Windows) and NOW I get a popup when it updates. I appreciate all of the super helpful info and all, but three popups that show up even when I’m not using Teamviewer is a total nuisance.

    Please fix this?

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  3. Thanks for making this! Can you create an option to disable the update check or hide the result? I set the program to auto-launch on windows startup for a windows media center PC but it keeps taking the focus away from the media center program (kodi) with the popup “your version is up to date”. I feel like I just traded one popup for another.


  4. having the same problem also with TeamViewer Popup Blocker cannot right click on tray icon to get options to stop blocking , about or exit application . have to go into task manager end process from running .. rebooted few times unistalled/reinstalled teamviewer using version 10.0.47484 w/ windows 7 x64 sp1


  5. Thanks, very usefull tool. But… a) on a nettop with atom (230, 2×1.6Ghz, Win7Sp1x64) the app uses %48 of cpu. b) I like to see a feature to hide the tray icon (by command line and by context menu)


  6. I am having the same problem as Moonlionz. It takes a lot of cpu power but it does indeed suppress the warning message. I cannot right click on the tray icon either. For your information, I am using Windows 10.


  7. Can’t open up menu by right clicking the tray icon, and it says it uses 17% of my cpu power in the Task bar… Will try to restart my computer to see if it works, if you hear nothing it’s still the same problem (Windows 8 / TW10 user)


  8. Hi donniexdarko,
    Thanks for your answer! I have next to zero programming experience and I just opened your project in Visual Studio 2013 a couple of minutes ago. I just wanted to have a basic understanding of how tools like these work on a general level but I realized that I would have to invest some more time in learning how C# works. I understood a couple of lines, e.g. how your tool looks for the specific titles the TeamViewer popups are called (window names) but I don’t understand much more (which is fine, I’m not a programmer and have no IT background). Your application is awesome for closing all those stupid nag screens TeamViewer pops up every now and then. Thank you very much for satisfying my curiosity! I added a shortcut to the startup folder so the tool runs automatically every time I boot my laptop.
    Thank you for this nice tool & all the best! 🙂


  9. Could you please add n option so that the tool runs automatically on system startup (e.g. check box “Run at system start”)?
    Would it be possible to publish the source code or the project files of the coding program you used for building this tool?


  10. thanks donniexdarko!
    this is a great tool for getting rid of the sponsored session nag screen!
    could you please make your source code available?


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