TeamViewer Popup Blocker

Hello, fellow readers.

Today I will introduce you one neat application that I developed.

A little intro

I have been working quite regularly with one application called TeamViewer. Its good remote access app and I am very satisfied with it. But comes one moment when it teases you like itch in back that you can’t reach. Yeah, I know.

Since you are here you know that there are some TeamViewer Popup, like Commercial use suspected, Commercial use that always annoy you, right?

Something like this one. Its tedious every time to close them. No more.

Introduce a little anarchy

The TeamViewer Popup Blocker is C# .NET Application using .NET 4 Framework

Here I am giving to you for free a popup auto blocker. No more of those annoying windows. Just one click application.

TeamViewerBlocker Icon

Nothing complicated, just start normally. It will start on the tray bar notifying you that blocking the TeamViewer Popup is autostarted by default.

And easy to use menu with the right mouse button click.

When you click on the Add Window Name, its open a new window that shows the current Team Viewer window names that are being blocked.

Add TeamViewer Window Name To Block

Here you have couple of options:

Default  – that restores the blocked windows to the picture.

Save – save the current changes.

View Opened Windows – opens window that shows all opened windows.

TeamViewer Popup Blocker Avaliable Windows

Download TeamViewer Popup Blocker




How to remove ads in WPS Office

So if you are using the WPS Office: The Most Compatible Free Office Suite, especially the free version, you have seen the annoying ads that show when you open the Writer, Spreadsheets or Presentation.

Now I have found a way to remove/disable the adds that show up on startup.

Solution 1: Blocking the wpscloudsvr.exe


  • Installed WPS Office
  • Enabled Windows Firewall
  • Make sure that you have closed all instances of WPS Office – Writer, Spreadsheets or Presentation.

Removing/disabling the ads in WPS Office

First open Run by Win Key + R and write


This command will open the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. After that go to Inbound Rules

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security New Rule

Now you search for wpscloudsvr.exe. The firewall should show three rules.

WPS Office Cloud Server Rules

Select the three rules and disable them with right click of the mouse and select Disable Rule

WPS Office Cloud Server Disable Rules

And for more heavier measures to make sure the ads are blocked. Open Properties of every rule and select Block the connection.

wpscloudsvr.exe Block the connection

Solution 2: Blocking the wpscenter.exe

This can be combined with the previous solution to make the blocking more powerful. In order to block the wpscenter.exe we have to make a New Inbound Rule. For this purpose open the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and select New Rule.

Follow this picture guide to make the Inbound Rule active

That finalizes the ads removal procedure. Happy writing 🙂


OptiShisha: A Startup Story

A little bit of history

When it all started. With few of my friends started a Business Development meetings. The agenda of a meeting like that is the following:

  • brainstorming ideas
  • coming up with a working plan of the idea

I am not sure but on the first meeting on that kind we come up with the idea about the shisha bars. At the time the idea didn’t had a name – it was only Game Changer for Shisha Bars. First it was going to be android application only but then evolved to the current version presented here.

Did it StartUp at the Weekend in Varna?

It was a warm day of 26.05.2017.

With several of my friends went to the annual StartUp Weekend Varna event. To express my real expectations and emotions at the event – it was so SCARY. Me and my friends were around 10 people. That is a huge team to assemble. If don’t know how a typical startup weekend agenda i will explain in short how it went all the way.


  • Half-baked
  • Pitching the idea
  • Forming the teams
  • Execution
  • Final presentation


This was very funny actually. The idea of half-baked is everyone in the room says random words. We had from revenue to love.  Then the presenter separated the teams in very intriguing method. Each participant in the auditorium received a number and based on that number each of the participants can match with other person with the same number.

I matched with two boys and a one girl. One developer, one marketing expert and the girl was project manager. Then we get to know each other with fast questions to introduce each other to the group. After this relationship escalation we moved to choosing a leader of the team. For some reason we choose the girl and from the random words selects two words. From these two words we have to make a idea. The words were love and social network. We come up with the idea of site that makes booking a place in Varna to be easier for people of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Pitching the idea

Here we are entering a whole new area for me. I had to pitch the idea that we discussed in our Business Development meetings.  I was a bit nervous but I handled it somehow. The english was not so great. I hope the video explains a lot 🙂

Yes, that guy with an shy look is me. After the pitch you see that I go through the door. There I had to paint down the idea and so people to vote for it. The votes determine if the idea is going to participate in Startup Weekend Varna.

Forming the teams

The team was following:

  • Zhivko (Me) – software developer
  • Dragomir Dichev – marketing
  • Ivaylo Pavlov – contributor
  • Samuil Alexandrov – contributor 
  • Petya Atanasova – design


OptiShisha Logo

After consulting with the team we come up with the execution of a software demo of the idea. The name is OptiShisha. The plan is to optimize the workflow and customer satisfaction to shisha bars which are getting more popular. On the customer table there is a hardware with five buttons. Till the last day and presentation the name of the hardware appeared – cookie.OptiShisha Cookie

There is a server application at the bar where the shisha master can see which table wants to have maintenance, bill, coal change, menu or just to call him.

OptiShisha - cookie buttons.png

I have uploaded the source code of a C# multi-client server application for the demo to my personal GitHub profile for free use.

Throughout the last day we added more hardware to the application. I am talking about a bracelet that will show information to the Shisha Master which table want some assistance according to the icon on it.

OptiShisha Bracelet

Final presentation

Here I am providing a YouTube link and PowerPoint presentation of our idea.

8 начина да задържиш мъжа си лоялен

Защо мъжете изневеряват?

Тази статия е главно за дамите. Знам че много момичета се борят с това. Бориш се с това, че искаш пич, който да остане около теб. Сигурно си имала ситуации в миналото, много жени са имали, където някой мъж ти е изневерил и това те наранява много силно. Обаче не знаеш откъде се случва това. Ти си, мислиш че си това добро момиче, правещо всичко което той иска, грижиш се за твоето здраве и дори си атрактивна и други фактори, но той продължава да изневерява или може би не си тези неща и пак изневерява.

Има много причини и ще се опитам да покрия всички. Това са моите лични причини защо мъжете изневеряват. Също ще дам и по-дълбоко разбиране какво всъщност се случва с мъжкото привличане, защото си мисля че има фундаментален проблем. Повечето жени не разбират как мъжете мислят. Наблюдавам много жени, които си мислят че разбират мъжете, защото те са чули от познати или в медиите и те, мислят че те разбират как мислят мъжете. Но има разлика между мисля си как разсъждават мъжете и как правилно разсъждават мъжете. По-скоро имаш някаква кастрирана версия за това как мислят мъжете и това създава проблеми, защото като разбереш как работи мъжкият мозък и към какво са привлечени, няма да си изненадана от поведенията на мъжете.

Така ще имаш някои фактори и променливи, които ще можеш да модулираш,в твоя полза, за да се подсигуриш, че мъжете ти няма да изневерят толкова често. Няма гаранция, че никога няма да го направят, но можеш да направиш неща, които могат да ти помогнат.

Ето фундаменталния проблем!

Мъжете са изключително сексуални създания. Повечето мъже са. Особено, ако са в 20те, 30те, дори и 40те. Мъжкото сексуално влечение е много силно. Те са по-сексуални, отколкото си мислиш. Знам че си мислиш, че вече ти давам информация, която знаеш и си казваш “Това е очевидно!“, не – не е! Те са повече отколкото си мислиш. Първото, което трябва да запомниш е – екстремно сексуален.

Също така е екстремно визуален. Трябва да разбереш, че това към което мъжете са привлечени е много различно от това, което жените са привлечени. Грешката идва в това, че каквото теб те привлича, значи че и мъжете са привлечени от това. НЕ, НЕ НЕ! Към какво са привлечени мъжете? – тялото! Мъжкото привличане е 95% визуално. Това е критично! Жените разсъждават по следния начин – “Мъжете са привлечени от самочувствие, жена която има добре събран живот“. Е, НЕ! Нито един мъж не е привлечен към нито едно от тези изброените. На мъжете би им харесало това в приятелката им/жена им. Но не са привлечени от това. Привлечени са към тялото, лицето, дупето, а останалото е бонус. Като черешката на тортата. Не прави грешката да извъртиш това и да си кажеш – самочувствиеточувството за хумор и подобни особености на характера ти – това е тортата, а черешката е моят външен вид. Това може да е случаят за жената, но мъжът не го вижда по този начин. Много жени сега ще скочат с отговори и отхвърляния към този аргумент и ще започнат да се размятат контрапунктове. Оставете егото малко на заден план. Бъди малко непредубедена, защото това не е как ти мислиш и е трудно да разбереш как мисли противоположния секс. Освен, ако не станеш много емпатичен и да влезеш в неговите обувки.

Как мъжете биват привлечени?

Мъж се разхожда по улицата. Вижда красиво момиче, такъв тип който той харесва. Сега щракни с пръсти. Точно толкова му е нужно, за да бъде привлечен от нея. Колко време отне това? 1/3 от секунда, 1/4 от секунда, половин секунда понякога. Може да му отнеме и две секунди, ако има други неща на главата си. Ако пък момичето е на границата за привличане възможно е да му отнеме пет секунди. Дори може да се впусне към анализи и да си каже “Тя има хубаво лице, но не ми харесва задника й.”, “Харесва ми това момиче, но е много кифлеста. Аз не си падам по такива“.

Друга ситуация, когато е наистина критично на границата на привличане, и той е много отчаян за секс, но не я харесва и не би я взел за приятелка. Само един път секс. Може 20-30 секунди.

В повечето случаи е няколко секунди. Точно така искаш да бъде. Наистина, ако искаш някой пич да те хареса, трябва да бъде привлечен мигновено.

Какво общо има с изневярата?

Добре като жена как биваш привлечена. Трябват ти няколко минути да си поговориш с него, чувство за хумор, да усетиш неговата енергия, мъжественост. Не получаваш тези секунди без да си говорила с него. Като жена ти трябват 60 минути, дни, седмица и т.н. Тогава ти става ясно, например чувството му за хумор е добро, уверен в тези ситуации. Разбира се това може да става и на подсъзнателно ниво. Както за жени, така и за мъже. Та накрая се привличаш към него. Жените сте като потенциометър за да се достигне до привличане, докато мъжете са като ключ за лампа.

Какво означава всичко това?

Ако това са механиките и ако момче може да се привлече просто ей така от няколко метра без да говори с нея. Така се създават повече възможности. Понякога само ти трябва възможност. Това е един от компонентите на това обяснение. Момчетата имат повече възможности да бъдат привлечени. Има голяма вероятност да намерят някое момиче, с което имат химия помежду им и да правят секс. Това не е извинение! Не казвам, че точно заради това мъжете трябва да изневеряват на теб. Това са механиките, реалността на ситуацията.

Другото, което трябва да разбереш е, че тази еволюционна компонента на това привличане е тенденцията жените да мислят любовта за благороден идеал, хубави емоции и тази химия, която споделят двама души. Но какво е под това – еволюционните сили. Тези сили са под добрите емоции, които ги наричаш любов. Трябва да разбереш, че има и други сили – желанието ти да имаш най-добрият възможен партньор. Всеки би си признал, че иска най-добрият възможен партньор. Искаме да излизаме с някого извън нашата лига.

Нека сега си представиш една скала. Скала за атрактивност, сексапилност и стойност за мъж или жена. Поставяш се някъде, например по средата. Къде поставяш мъжа, някъде около теб, пак по средата. Мъжът към когото си привлечена ще бъде на същото ниво на стойност, на което си и ти. Ако си много ниско ниво на стойност ще привлечеш такъв мъж. Трудно е да привлечеш много стойностен мъж, защото няма да можеш да му предложиш каквото му предлагат другите жени. И обратното важи също. Ако си ниско стойностен мъж ще бъде трудно да привлечеш високо стойността жена. Има такъв процес при привличането постоянно. Жените и мъжете се опитват да намерят най-добрия партньор, но не могат да намерят някой твърде добър, защото ако намерят такъв най-добър проблеми започват да се получават.

Какво е стойност?

Разбира се има разлика между дефиницията за стойност на мъжете и жените. Всички искаме по-висока стойност. Ако излизаш с мъж, който е по-голяма стойност от теб. Той ще знае това и винаги ще се озърта за нещо по-добро. Същото е с теб. Ако си привлякла мъж, чиято стойност е по-ниска от твоята. Ти също ще се оглеждаш за някой по-добър. Защото искаш да излизаш с най-готиния, сексуалния, уверения и мъжествения. И мъжа иска да излиза с най-сексапилното момиче, което може да намери. Така сме създадени. Това се случва много подсъзнателно. Не е избирателно. Жената също не избира да бъде привлечена към мъж.

Жена вижда мъж на парти – добра харизма, присъствие, увереност. Тя е привлечена, защото намира този характер за много мъжествен. И иска да е част от този негов свят.

Не бъди много самодоволна от тези неща. Жените също изневеряват. Проблемът не е, че само мъжете изневерят. Моето предположение е, че мъжете изневеряват повече, защото са много визуални. По-лесно се привличат, отколкото жените.

Моногамия срещи Полигамия

От еволюционна гледна точка не сме моногамни същества. Това е много дълбока тема. В животинското царство има различни сексуални връзки. Някои животни са моногамни, някои животни са полиаморни, някои са полигамни. А къде са човешките същества? Хората не са нито моногамни, нито полигамни. Те са някъде по средата – полиаморни. Какво значи полиаморни? Имаме много сексуални партньори и връзките ни не издържат много. На практика сме кучки. Ние сме кучките на животинското царство.

Има много смисъл . Защото нека вземем за пример приматите – шимпанзета, горили и други. Някои анатомични особености съответстват на стила на чифтосване на този вид. Горилите – те живеят в трупи, където един мъжки живее с много женски. Един мъжки прави секс с много женски. Тук имаме полигамна ситуация. И на мъжката горила тестисите са много малки. Нямат нужда от големи тестиси, защото не се конкурира с други мъжки екземпляри. Противоположния край на този спектър имаме шимпанзета. Те правят безразборен секс с всеки. В тази среда анатомичните особености са, че те имат големи тестиси. Защото постоянно осеменяват женските шимпанзета.

Хората са някъде по средата между горилата и шимпанзетата. Не искам да срина надеждите за моногамна връзка или брак. Ако искаш това, ти можеш да имаш това. Всичко, което искам да кажа е, че това е нашата позиция по подразбиране. Може да се отдалечиш от тази позиция, но колкото по-далеч си от човешката природа, толкова повече проблеми ще имаш. Имай предвид, че опитите ни за дълготрайни връзки са трудни начинания.

Това е фундаментала. Всичко казано до тук е добра теория, но не можеш да го промениш това. Това е човешка природа. Може да се почувстваш малко депресирана.  Може да си кажеш “Живко, ти ми каза тези неща, но искам да си намеря моят мъж“. Не се тревожи, ще ти опиша точките сега. Не можеш да се бориш срещу човешката природа.

8 причини защо би ти изневерил + бележки!

  1. Сексът е лош.
  2. Секстът е изхабен. Различно е от лош. Значи че преди е бил добър, но сега е лош.
  3. Няма никакъв секс. Връзката е преминала в такъв стадий, където няма никакъв секс.
  4. Оставяш твоята красота и визия да си замине. Напълняваш.
  5. Страстта я няма. Сексът може да го няма, но вълнението във връзката го няма. Несексуалното вълнение, а може и да го е нямало от самото начало.
    Бележка: Ако на мъж му е предложено секс на сребърен поднос. Много секси жена каже на мъжа ти “Хей, искаш ли да правиш секс с мен?”. Не ме интересува колко морален или лоялен е този мъж, но той ще бъде много изкушен. Повечето мъже биха правили секс. Ако е много отдаден на теб, много трудно би се отдал, обаче в края на краищата излиза против неговата природа. Знай това че ако му бъде предложена такава възможност, където сексът може да стане лесно, той би я взел.
  6. Трейдва. Може да е във връзка с теб сега, защото му даваш лесен секс, но той търси нещо по-добро. Той знае, че иска нещо по-добро, по-привлекателно, по-стойносттно. Затова е добре да излизаме с някого, който е на същата стойност като нас.
  7. Пиян е. Аз не пия, но повечето пият. Особено на партита или дискотеки. Срещат се с друго пияно момиче и се случват нещата. Това е извинение разбира се, но е причина. Трудно можеш да се бориш с натуралния ти порив, когато си пиян.
  8. Лош характер. Просто има лош характер. Някой си тъпанар, както има лоши хора в света. Нямат морал, лъжат. И ако нямаш опит да се вгледаш дълбоко в характера му тогава ще намираш такива хора с лош характер. Имай предвид, че не само изневеряват на теб, но и в други сфери в живота.

Това са точките. Подсигури се, че сескът е добър. Не е някак похабен или посредствен. Научи се как да задоволяваш мъж в леглото, защото ако го направиш по такъв начин, по който другите жени не могат – еха! Това е много добър начин да го задомиш. Той ще си каже “Леле, тя е невероятна в секса. Малко жени са такива“. Така ще се замисли доста преди да спи с друга. Тука гарантирам.

Но ако сексът във връзката ви липсва, не очаквай мъжа да остане във връзката. Това е бедствие за него.  Понякога така се получава при браковете – 1 път на ден, 1 път на всеки два дни, 3 пъти в седмицата, 1 път в месеца и после никога.

Ако напълняваш и оставяш визията ти да замине. Влез във форма за мъжа си. Няма нищо по-стимулиращо за мъжа жена му да е в добра форма и да изглежда добре. Всеки иска мъж иска това. Не ме интересува какъв е, ако казва че външния вид не е важен значи има нещо нередно. Погрижи се за хранителния си режим и фитнес упражненията.

Страстта… Погрижи се, че има приключения и вълнения във връзката. Не го оставяй само той да мисли за невероятни преживявания заедно, а не просто нормални срещи. Така живва страстта, защото с времето намалява постепенно.

Наблюдавай лошия характер. Например гледай да не се напива всяка вечер, защото рано или късно ще преспи с някоя. Не бъди и прекалено параноична. Дори искам да бъдеш малко по-земна и по-уверена в себе си. Понякога момчетата ще изневерят, понякога жените ще изневерят на момчетата.  Може би момчетата го правят по-честно. В края на краищата това е част от човешката природа. Приеми, че се получава.

Поработи над нещата върху, които имаш контрол. Как изглеждаш, страстта във връзката. Не искам да бъдеш настървена към мъжете. Искам да си кажеш – така мисли мъжа, затова се получават нещата. Тук описах нещата как работят и хвърлих светлина върху механиките на живота. Не започвай да имаш вярването, че всеки мъж ще ми изневерява. Ако имаш такова вярване ще допринесе с бързи обороти до това, което си мислиш – изневярата.

Наглеждай тези осем фактора, тези червени флагове и може намалиш шансът мъжете да ти изневерят. 🙂


This will be the last pick up artist centered post I plan on writing. The blog has moved on and so have I. There will continue to be articles on women, sex and love. But I have nothing more to say about the pick up industry or its tactics which I have not already said. Before we close the door on an era, I want to give my uncensored thoughts on the bread and butter of the pick up industry from the perspective of a long-time coach: the bootcamp.

From 2007 to 2011, I personally coached approximately 50 bootcamps and worked with over 150 different men over that time. Most of my experience came through my own business and website, but I assisted three other companies with clients and programs as well. I coached night game (taking men into bars and night clubs to meet women) as well as day game (meeting women on the street or in shops or stores). I worked in eight different countries and I spoke at about 20 different men’s groups and conventions. In the beginning, most of the coaching was done with groups of two to six guys at a time. Later, I restricted the coaching sessions to one on one, partly because I wanted to give students 100% of my focus and attention, but also partly because it allowed me to charge more.

Bootcamps in the pick up industry range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands. They typically involve one to three coaches and one to eight students. The cornerstone of the bootcamp is the field time where inexperienced students can go out and meet women with the coaches, men who are ostensibly more experienced and knowledgeable with women.

The utility and value of bootcamps has been hotly debated in recent years. Some people contend that theyre a scam, swindlers preying on the insecurities and hero worship of helpless nerds for massive amounts of money. Others contend that theyre the quickest and easiest way to jump start your dating life. My personal view is that bootcamps are an inefficient way for most men to learn, and likely a poor use of their time and money. Im not saying they dont work. Im just saying theyre inefficient and overpriced.

Some may criticize my point of view saying, Well, maybe it was just your students who didnt get much out of your bootcamps. Maybe you were a shitty coach and dont realize it. Well, maybe. But in four years I never once got a negative review or a refund request. Im proud of that. Many of my former students are still in touch with me on a friendly basis. Some are married. Most have gotten girlfriends. And many of them were disgruntled alumni of other companies before they signed up for coaching with me. So given the evidence, Id like to think I was one of the better coaches in the industry. Maybe I wasnt great, but Im pretty certain I wasnt bad.

Ill give a quick rundown of what happens on a bootcamp and then dive into the problems they present.


Bootcamps vary from company to company and from coach to coach. They usually last three days and two nights. Some go longer. Some are slightly shorter. Most follow a similar structure:

  • Seminar Almost all bootcamps contain some element of seminar and lecturing by the coach on theory and techniques. These seminars can range from eight hours (all day) each of the days, to only being a few hours long. Many coaches and companies implement drills, exercises and roleplays into their seminars. But not all of them. I think seminar time is a waste. It exhausts students without accomplishing anything. It creates a perception of value when there is none. Any information you need to know about getting good with women can be found on the internet for free or in a few books for less than $50. I personally did little to no seminar time and instead spent more time getting to know each student individually and figuring out what their needs were so I could help them understand their own process better.
  • Field Time Time spent out approaching and talking to women with the coach. This includes both day and night. Most field sessions last three to four hours at a time. The most common configuration is two nights out and one afternoon. But again, it varies widely. Unlike a lot of critics of the pick up industry, I honestly believe few of the coaches are consciously out to scam guys and take their money. I do believe a lot of them are narcissistic and buy into their own bullshit. But I think most of them actually believe they’re helping people. And some of them are. Sometimes.My contention is that most of the coaches are ignorant to how their practices affect others and how useful their teachings actually are. That may come across as arrogant, but I’ve made a lot of the same coaching mistakes and corrected them in the past because I realized they were ineffective or even hurting my clients. Unfortunately, most coaches buy into their own personal ideology and don’t adapt. Instead of adapting their teachings to what the client needs most, they blame the client for not adapting to what the they want to teach. And to complicate things, were dealing with an entire customer-base of guys who are poor at distinguishing good social cues from bad ones, so they’re almost always completely unaware of the quality of coaching they’re receiving.In no particular order, here are the problems with the bootcamp model and why its an inefficient way to learn pick up:

    1. Success with women is based on habits, not knowledge or a few experiences.Becoming successful with women requires a process of building a series of overlapping habits: good conversational habits, habits for expressing your sexuality, creating a habit of acting despite your anxiety, a habit of teasing and making jokes, a habit of dressing well, etc. All of these habits require two things: conscious practice and time. A bootcamp can provide one, but not both. And its debatable that a bootcamp provides better practice than a student would get on his own.

    2. Bootcamps do not address poor lifestyle decisions. If you make poor lifestyle decisions, there is little that a bootcamp or that learning game can do to make you attractive. This includes being broke, unemployed, living with mom, having no friends or hobbies, dressing horribly, or being 40 pounds overweight there were sadly a number of clients I had where most anything we did was ineffective because their personal lives were such a mess.

    3. The bootcamp high and other concerns. One aspect of bootcamps which many companies take advantage of is the high a student gets in the immediate aftermath. Whenever people do something which is far outside of their comfort zone, they get a huge shot of adrenaline and endorphins. This often carries them for the next several hours or even days to do all sorts of actions or behaviors which theyd be too intimidated to do normally. Students often come out the other end of the bootcamp with the perception of massive improvement, even though what they were experiencing was a short-term emotional high. Some companies even consciously pursue giving students this high and then ask students for testimonials immediately afterward.

    Theres nothing wrong with the bootcamp high. It can be great. The problem is the next week, or next month, when the coach is gone, the high has worn off and the student realizes he hasnt really changed (success is based on habits, remember?). Hes stuck back at square one. Many men blame themselves for this. They become even more disillusioned and frustrated with their situation and give up. Others sign up for another bootcamp.

    4. More does not necessarily equal better. The bootcamp model bases itself on the idea that more is better. More approaches. More theory. More phone numbers. More practice. More money. Little attention is paid to quality of interactions and the quality of habits being developed. Whats more useful, three approaches which really test a students boundaries and beliefs, or 20 which are hardly outside of his comfort zone? Is it better to get eight phone numbers from girls he doesnt really care about, or one phone number from a girl he likes a lot? Is it better to learn how to approach a lot of women in a crude and manipulative way, or approach a few in an honest and authentic way?

    5. Bootcamps cannot fix ones poor self-perception. Something which surprised me, particularly early on, was how many of my clients were actually cooler and more successful guys than I was. They were already successful entrepreneurs, had interesting hobbies, were funny and charming, were bad asses in their careers, had amazing life experiences and stories to tell. And yet, here I was: this broke, unhealthy kid, who just happened to get laid a lot, and they were looking up to me. They thought I had it all figured out. It made no sense.

    I never got far with these guys. Girls would love them, but they couldnt see it. In their eyes, they were losers and someone needed to fix them. You couldnt get this out of their heads. I even had a few clients who had slept with more women than me, who were still convinced that they sucked with women and I needed to teach them. One of them had already been with over 100 women. Yet he was paying me over a $1,000 to help him get more. Why? I have no idea, to be honest.

    Looking back, I understand now these men needed therapy, not a dating coach. They suffered from low self-esteem and horrible self-images, both things I was not qualified to deal with. Hiring me was treating the symptom of their problems, not the illness. Its because of cases like this that I began screening my clients in 2009 before accepting them. I couldnt bring myself to take money of guys I couldnt help. Over the last two years, I turned down approximately 10 men and told them to attend therapy, not a bootcamp. I never heard from them again.

    6. Bootcamps can remove a mans sense of responsibility to himself. Were all experts at avoiding what makes us uncomfortable. As explained above, developing a habit of confronting our fears is a crucial step to becoming successful with women. Its pretty sick, but there are a number of guys usually rich guys who have struggled with their anxiety for years and barely taken any action, so they hire a coach to relieve themselves of any responsibility. They throw money at you expecting you to fix them like they pay a mechanic to fix a car or something. They dont actually want to take on any of the burden of improving themselves. These are the worst students. They refuse to cooperate. They try to debate you on theory when they have no experience. And they insist that you do everything, as if youre a street performer theyve hired for their evening entertainment. Anything to avoid doing it themselves.

    The truth is that many people simply dont want to improve. They want to find others to take the responsibility away from them. They want to live vicariously through others. They want validation and someone to complain to. One coach in the industry used to refer to this dynamic as the rent a cool friend service. Thats what it felt like at times. These miserable, nerdy guys paying you tons of money to come and just hang out with them and argue about evolutionary psychology for hours. It was another way of tricking themselves into thinking they were accomplishing something without actually having to risk accomplishing something.


    With all of the flaws mentioned above, bootcamps can still be effective tools for specific individuals. When judging how much value one would get out of a program, here’s a good checklist to run through:

    • Do you already have your life put together? Are you employed, do you have your own place, have friends and hobbies, and are you already in decent health?
    • Do you feel that you are already somewhat confident in general? Do you have a positive and optimistic attitude about yourself? Do you honestly believe women can find you attractive if you just put in the work?
    • Do you have one specific sticking point with women? For instance, once you meet them you do great, but you are just scared to death of approaching. Or perhaps you can already get dates, but they just never go anywhere. Does this describe you?
    • Have you already gone out on your own and attempted to tackle the problem with friends or local wingmen?
    • Are you NOT starstruck by the coach you want to hire? If the coach you want to hire was just a random guy you had never heard of, but he was guaranteed to fix your problem, would you be just as excited to sign up with him?
    • Can you afford the cost of a program without burdening yourself financially?

    If you answered yes to every question above, then chances are youll get value out of a program, assuming you go with a good coach/company. But if you answered to yes to every question above, then chances are youd end up being successful eventually anyway. So its hard to say if the money is worth it.

    In the case of men who already have their act together for a certain degree, bootcamps will speed up the process by quite a bit. And if theyve got the money lying around, then it may be worth it to them.

    Speaking of which


    Pick up companies and their marketing will tell you bootcamps are expensive because they are the most valuable form of self improvement. They’re also labor-intensive and have a lot of expenses (travel, hotel, seminar rooms, etc.)

    But there are other reasons bootcamps cost so much.

    The pick up market is what’s referred to as price inelastic. That means that it’s a market where raising prices doesn’t affect demand very much. Its why pick up books are often $47 or even $67, why seminars cost hundreds and bootcamps cost thousands. Unlike say, the market for milk, dating advice solves such a deep and painful problem that many men are willing to pay a lot to try and fix it. No one would pay $67 for a carton of milk. But a lot of people can be talked into $67 for a 150-page book.

    This means for businesses to maximize revenue, they should have products both on the low end of the scale ($20-$50) and on the high end of the scale ($1,000+). Its good business.

    The other aspect of the market which makes this particularly profitable is what in psychology is referred to as the Dunning-Kruger Effect. The Dunning-Kruger Effect states that people of low competence in a skill are unable to recognize people of high competence of that same skill. For instance, people who are really bad at music will be poor at recognizing the difference between someone who’s a good musician and who’s a bad musician who says they’re good.

    When you apply this to pick up, you get a large market of men with very low social competence, who are unable to recognize high competence, therefore they can be easily led into believing ridiculous claims and will be more likely to pay a lot of money to meet a coach for a weekend, when really there are probably a dozen guys in his neighborhood who are just as socially competent and just as successful with women if he looked for them.

    And that’s the ultimate problem with bootcamps, and why companies are able to charge so much. Its not just about the advice. Its about the personalities. Many times, consumers in the market begin to look up to the coaches as role models whether they realize it or not. As men, our sexuality is closely tied to our self-esteem. So when we see someone who is achieving the kind of sexual success we can only dream of, they begin to become a form of celebrity in our minds. This is why Mystery can charge people $10,000 a weekend to learn some weird magic tricks. People aren’t just paying for the advice anymore. They’re paying to see Mystery. To hang out with him. To talk to him. Its human nature.

    But you dont need to spend a weekend with a personality to improve yourself. You dont even need to pay anyone. If you have trouble approaching and are considering getting coached, consider this option. Take your $2,000. Give it to your best friend. Tell your friend to come out with you for three nights and not to give the $2,000 back until you approach 25 girls. Do this for conversations or escalation or whatever your issue is. Tell him to watch you and tell you if he sees you doing anything weird. Do NOT discuss pick up theory with him, just ask him to mention anything he sees which seems weird. Chances are, your friend will notice a few obvious places youre screwing up. Theyre usually not hard for others to notice.

    There are some men out there who get a lot of value out of coaching. But I honestly think that the above strategy would be almost as useful for 80% of the guys out there. And if you do screw up and chicken out, if you fail and dont improve, youll still be out $2,000. But at least your best friend will have it and not some guy you read about on the internet.

    Overall I’m satisfied with my experiences with my former clients. There certainly were some I didn’t help. There certainly were some who probably shouldn’t have signed up for coaching and wouldn’t have if they were more aware of their problems. But there were many who did benefit, and a few who benefited a lot. It was an interesting experience, and I actually learned a lot about teaching and motivating.

    A number of people have asked me if I will ever start coaching again. The answer is no. At least in the form that coaching takes in the pick up industry. If I ever return to working with people in person, it will be in a new and different capacity, and hopefully one that’s far more effective.

Transliterating Russian to English in C#


If you are struggling with transliterating the Russian names or sentences to the English latin letters, so do I.

  • Input Russian name: Олъга Виктровна Василенко
  • Output English transliteration: Olga Viktrovna Vasilenko


Source code:

First you need to add the following fields

 private static char cap_a = 'А'; // 1040
 private static char cap_be = 'Б'; // 1041
 private static char cap_ve = 'В'; // 1042
 private static char cap_ge = 'Г'; // 1043
 private static char cap_de = 'Д'; // 1044
 private static char cap_ye = 'Е'; // 1045
 private static char cap_zhe = 'Ж'; // 1046
 private static char cap_ze = 'З'; // 1047
 private static char cap_ee = 'И'; // 1048
 private static char cap_i = 'Й'; // 1049
 private static char cap_ka = 'К'; // 1050
 private static char cap_el = 'Л'; // 1051
 private static char cap_em = 'М'; // 1052
 private static char cap_en = 'Н'; // 1053
 private static char cap_o = 'О'; // 1054
 private static char cap_pe = 'П'; // 1055
 private static char cap_er = 'Р'; // 1056
 private static char cap_es = 'С'; // 1057
 private static char cap_te = 'Т'; // 1058
 private static char cap_u = 'У'; // 1059
 private static char cap_ef = 'Ф'; // 1060
 private static char cap_kha = 'Х'; // 1061
 private static char cap_tse = 'Ц'; // 1062
 private static char cap_che = 'Ч'; // 1063
 private static char cap_sha = 'Ш'; // 1064
 private static char cap_shcha = 'Щ'; // 1065
 private static char cap_hard = 'Ъ'; // 1066
 private static char cap_yeru = 'Ы'; // 1067
 private static char cap_soft = 'Ь'; // 1068
 private static char cap_e = 'Э'; // 1069
 private static char cap_yu = 'Ю'; // 1070
 private static char cap_ya = 'Я'; // 1071
 private static char cap_yo = 'Ё'; // 1025
 private static char blank = ' '; // 0032
 private static char cap_dot_i = Convert.ToChar(1030); // cyrillic capital letter byelorussian-ukrainian i
 private static char cap_fita = Convert.ToChar(1138); // cyrillic capital letter fita
 private static char cap_yat = Convert.ToChar(1122); // cyrillic capital letter yat
 private static char cap_izhitsa = Convert.ToChar(1140); // cyrillic capital letter izhitsa

Here are the methods that we need.

private static string DisplayInEnglish(string text)
 string result = string.Empty;

 for (int i = 0; i < text.Length; i++)
 int charCode = 0x0;
 char russianLetter = '\0';

 russianLetter = Convert.ToChar(text.ToUpper()[i]);

 string englishLetter = string.Empty;

 if (russianLetter == cap_a)
 englishLetter = "A";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_be)
 englishLetter = "B";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_ve)
 englishLetter = "V";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_ge)
 englishLetter = "G";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_de)
 englishLetter = "D";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_ye || russianLetter == cap_yat)
 if (AtStart(i, text) ||
 IsVowel(PrevChar(i, text)) ||
 PrevChar(i, text) == cap_hard ||
 PrevChar(i, text) == cap_soft)
 englishLetter = "Ye";
 englishLetter = "E";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_zhe)
 englishLetter = "Zh";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_ze)
 englishLetter = "Z";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_ee || russianLetter == cap_izhitsa)
 englishLetter = "I";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_i)
 englishLetter = "Y"; // J ???
 else if (russianLetter == cap_ka)
 englishLetter = "K";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_el)
 englishLetter = "L";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_em)
 englishLetter = "M";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_en)
 englishLetter = "N";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_o)
 englishLetter = "O";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_pe)
 englishLetter = "P";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_er)
 englishLetter = "R";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_es)
 englishLetter = "S";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_te)
 englishLetter = "T";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_u)
 englishLetter = "U";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_ef ||
 russianLetter == cap_fita)
 englishLetter = "F";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_kha)
 englishLetter = "Kh";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_tse)
 englishLetter = "Ts";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_che)
 englishLetter = "Ch";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_sha)
 englishLetter = "Sh";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_shcha)
 englishLetter = "Shch";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_soft)
 englishLetter = "";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_yeru)
 englishLetter = "Y";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_hard)
 englishLetter = "";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_e)
 englishLetter = "E";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_yu)
 englishLetter = "Yu";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_ya)
 englishLetter = "Ya";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_yo)
 englishLetter = "Yo";
 else if (russianLetter == cap_dot_i)
 englishLetter = "I";
 else if (russianLetter == blank)
 englishLetter = " ";
 else if (russianLetter == (char)769) // '́ <- this sign
 englishLetter = string.Empty;
 englishLetter = russianLetter.ToString();

 result += englishLetter;

 return result.ToUpper();

private static bool IsVowel(char c)
 return c == cap_a || c == cap_ye || c == cap_ee || c == cap_o || c == cap_u ||
 c == cap_yeru || c == cap_e || c == cap_yu || c == cap_ya;

 private static char PrevChar(int i, string text)
 if (AtStart(i, text))
 return '\0';

 return text[i - 1];

 private static bool AtStart(int i, string text)
 return ((i == 0) || (text[i - 1] == ' '));


 string result = DisplayInEnglish("Олъга Виктровна Василенко");
// output: Olga Viktrovna Vasilenko

That finishes this tutorial.

Complete Guide to Lenovo P70-A CyanogenMod 13

I’ve been searching the internet for a simple step by step guide to do this not very difficult operation but you need some guidelines to do so.

You are doing this on your own risk be careful!

Warning: Before anything to do make sure you’ve backed up your files from internal memory like pictures,documents,apps etc. all information will be erased as well as current firmware on your Lenovo P70 when you flash firmware via Sp flash tool. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

In other words I will provide you all the files you need to download and install in order to have a working CyanogenMod 13 on your Lenovo P70-A.

CM13 it’s 64bit based ROM and you need first to install Andoid Lollipop 5.1 64bit then CyanogenMod otherwise it will not work.

Required files:

  1. Drivers for Lenovo P70-A (link)
  2. Sp Flash Tool for Lenovo P70 (link)
  3. Android Lollipop 5.1 64bit for Lenovo P70 (link)
  4. CyanogenMod 13.0-v1 64bit for Lenovo P70 (link)
  5. GAPPS for CM13  (link) – select ARM64/6.0/pico
  6. Root package (link)
  7. Fully working CyanogenMod 13.0 v2.4 ROM for Lenovo P70-A (link)

Now let the guide begin

  • First we are installing the drivers. By default the extracting directory is the desktop.
    There will be couple of folders but go with Driver_Auto_Installer_.1612 folder and start DriverInstall.exeextracting-directory
  • After that you go to the SP Flash Tool zip file. Extract it to root directory C:\. Open the directory and find flash_tool.exe. Run as Administrator


Go to OptionsDownload


Close the window. By closing it the settings are saved!

  • Extract the P70A_AOSP_5.1_64bit_v2 zip file to the C:\ directory. Now open the MT6752_Android_scatter_Other.txt file with the Flash Tool.
    open-scatter-fileThe Lenovo P70-A has to be powered off. Select Download Only and Click Download. Plug the one side of the cable to the computer and the other to the Lenovo P70-A. A red bar will appear after that a yellow Flash bar. And in the end


This whole process is called Flashing a ROM. You actually flashed your 32 bit ROM to a 64 bit one 🙂

  • Then we unzip cm-13.0-v1-UNOFFICIAL-P70 file. The procedure is the same. We flash it by selecting the MT6752_Android_scatter_146 (CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A [ FULLY WORKING ]).txt scatter file then Download. (If it does not start automatically the replug the USB cable to the phone or PC).
  • Here is a little bit tricky. I hope the phone is turned off. You have to hold POWER Button + Volume Up until this pops upselect-boot-mode
    Select Recovery. It should look like something like this when it loads up
    From this menu you select Mount and you mount the sd card  with choosing External SDccard and you transfer from your PC to the sd card the files:

    • the
  • After you have installed the Root and Gapps file to the system then you go to Reboot and select Power Off
  • Now you will have to flash the CyanogenMod 13.0 v2.4 ROM
    • You open the scatter file MT6752_Android_scatter_146 (CyanogenMod 13.0 for Lenovo P70-A [ FULLY WORKING ]).txt from the folder CM-13.0-v2.4-UNOFFICIAL-P70-arm64
      • If you want to use external storage, like SDcard, rename the file boot2sd.img to boot.img (the other boot.img file you can call it boot1sd.img)
    • Still select Download only and the click Download
    • Wait the process to finish
  • You are ready to start the phone. It will take up to 10 minutes to load fully.

Final thougths

Note: If you have problems with making calls, receiving calls, SMS and etc. connection problems. You need to restore your IMEI number. In order you to do that you have to install Chamelephon, if you have difficulties in finding an apk file , here is a link.

Note2: If you mess up something and the phone is not working, you can flash this to recycle to factory settings.

That wraps it up. Leave a comment if any errors occur along the way.

How to import multiple vCards into one

I have a bunch of vCards (212 to be precise) that I transferred from my phone (via Bluetooth) to my PC.  Now I want to bulk import them into my Google Contacts but…  I don’t see a multi-select feature on the import section.  Am I missing something?  To make matters worse, the vCards are named sequentially, not by the contact name so it’s hard to pick and choose what I want imported.  If you are not sure how to convert vCards into a CSV formatted text file.
It is very easy:
  1. Copy all your .vcf files into one directory

    all contacts

  2. Open Windows command prompt.
    By holding SHIFT + Right click mouse button (Only with this combination will show)


  3. Enter the following CMD command:
    copy *.vcf all.vcf
  4. Import all.vcf into your Google account or etc.